Roberto Gorganizzini is the founder of the Jazz Organizer. He studied piano in the Academy of Music of Trento and he attended, for three years, to seminars on jazz guitar, by Tommaso Lama in Bologna, and about jazz piano, by Franco d'Andrea. In 2003/2004 he attended to piano lessons by Renato Chicco. He conduced a TV show, on Rai Tre, about playing standard jazz. He established several bands with regional musicians, and from 1984 to 1987 he has been pianist in the Big Swing Orchestra, directed by Attilio Donadio, and they recorded an album in 1987. In the meantime, he performed several concerts with, among others, Gianni Basso, Carla Marcotulli, Emilio Spana, Rudy Migliardi, Tony Scott, Larry Nocella, Fulvio Sisti, and Lilian Terry. He was also playing with fusion and funky bands like the Naphtaline. In 1995 a concert of the Chorus Jazz Orchestra, whose Gorgazzini was the founder, was transmitted on Rai channels. He played with the Can Cun (salsa and latin jazz), with the Brazilian singer Dilene Ferraz (samba, boss nova and Brazilian funk), and with many others. He participated to several editions of Bolzano Jazz Fesival, Fiemme Sky Jazz, and Veneto Jazz among others. He collaborates with the Tiger Dixie Band as pianist and banjoist. In the last years he showed interest in playing Hammond, and he played with the singer Elisa Rovida, with Luciano Poli, Oreste Soldano, Enrico Tommasini and with the Soul Shiver quartet. In 2007 he founded the band "Jazz Organizer", with Fiorenzo Zeni (tenor sax, soprano), Gigi Grata (trombone, tr.), Luciano Poli (guitar), Carlo Alberto Canevali (drums), and Gisella Ferrarin (voice). The group recorded "Internos", a realization of original songs. In the meantime he is collaborating to the the project "Cole porter songbook", with the Cole for Sale, dedicated to the famous American author.
JAZZ ORGANIZER: Roberto Gorgazzini (organ), Fiorenzo Zeni (tenor sax, soprano), Gigi Grata (trombone, tr.), Luciano Poli (guitar), Carlo Alberto Canevali (drums)- guest: Gisella Ferrarin (voice)

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